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Adventure Golf

From design to installation

Adventure golf course are a great source of income for holiday parks, leisure facilities, theme parks, retail outlets the list is endless. Be assured Professional Practice Greens is the number one choice for bespoke and off the shelf adventure golf installations.

Our Process

Step 1
Site Survey
On the site survey we will visit your site and discuss the area and the ideas that both we, and you have for it.
Step 1
Step 2
We'll then convert the rough plan into a 2D or 3D design and send it to you for approval. After this, we will either make any changes to the plan that you request if needed and then we can sign off on the final design.
Step 2
Step 3
Manufacturing and ordering
After the final design has been approved, the materials and sundries will be ordered and the props and equipment will be made to design.
Step 3
Step 4
Landscaping & Installation
After we have everything made, we'll mark out the area that was agreed on the design. Then it's time to break ground and start work! After this, you'll have a beautiful course built to your design.
Step 4

Our Turfs

Tough Colours 10mm
Tough Colours have been specifically designed with a very short, dense, curled polypropylene pile which is ideal for installations requiring a resilient and hard-wearing surface. Ideal for pathways, walking tracks, balconies, terraces and other applications.

Leisure Colours 18mm
Leisure Colours offer a very dense, tufted, sand dressed product made of texturized, polyethylene monofilaments with narrow blades. Perfect for school play areas, multi-use games areas, balconies, office environments and other applications’’

Perfect Fun
Did you know artificial grass isn’t just green? Perfectly Green stocks a wide range of coloured artificial grass, great for displays, playgrounds, exhibitions and events, or even just for a funky garden lawn! 2 tone, 18mm available in 2m x 25m and 4m x 25m rolls. Also available in 26mm

PPG - Bespoke Adventure Golf Courses

Adventure Golf

Adventure golf, sometimes referred to as crazy golf, takes you on an adventure golf tour with our enjoyable props. Fun for all the family 

PPG - Mini Golf Cropped

Mini Golf

Mini Golf is different from adventure golf, because there are less props and it’s more about the putting surface and terrain.

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